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THE SPEC'd LIST :: Inspiration and Conversation



Furniture, but make it fashion.

True confessions... we love NEOCON season! There is something special about the energy during the construction of the showrooms and the tradition of papering the windows. Even navigating the pallets, forklifts, and flatbed dollies down the hallways is it's own adventure.

We've spent the month of September preparing for the arrival of execs, reps and designers, watching the transformation of the Howe showroom, and planning a PARTY for a SPEC'd installation featuring Emblem, FACT, Frovi & Pair at Redmond's newly refreshed office. You should totally come say "HI!" :) RSVP TODAY - password REDMOND.

We keep hearing how this NeoCon is going to be different, and we're okay with that feeling. FALL feels like a poetic time to have NEOCON2020ish... Seasons change, and so do design trends - our challenge is to take what we've learned from the turmoil of 2020/2021 and do better.



Fade is a tethered height-adjustable benching system with a waterfall edge for privacy and multiple screen barriers between neighboring deskmates.

The waterfall edge is a modesty panel that moves with the work surface when the user adjusts the system’s height.



At first glance, Speckle almost appears as if it's a solid color, when in fact it features a delicate, yet minimal, pattern. The wrap yarn subtly contrasts with the soft pearlescent silver speckles in the weft direction.

The overall design appears discreet in a large expanse, but intricate at a closer glance. The natural color shift between wrap and weft adds a richness and level of interest to this quiet weave.



Introducing Midnight Endurance Velvet: Emblem's latest color introduction to their line of standard, commercial-grade velvets. Midnight is a darker, moodier, navy-hued blue. Perfectly capturing the color of the dark sky during a new moon. Now available on all our standard and custom furniture. And it looks especially dashing paired with our brushed brass finish! Have you started following the adventures of Emblem on Insta yet?! Cause you should.



Fractals are the building block of many of nature’s patterns and have been scientifically proven to activate a stress-relieving response, nurture a sense of calmness and improve concentration.

The visual patterns, triggering those remarkable effects, are the basis for CALM COLLECTION, an acoustic ceiling and wall tile system, designed by 13&9 Design and Fractals Research for FACT Design.



Frövi’s eye-catching Foundry range offers a unique shelving solution that is ideal for dividing open-plan offices and creating zoned areas that are now an organizational necessity. The unit is made from 98% recycled steel rebar which is popular due to its highly durable strength.

Its unique ribbed surfaces are originally designed to increase the surface area, helping it grip to concrete, however they also offer a distinctive look synonymous with an industrial style. The use of rebar ensures that Foundry maintains its sturdiness over time, thus providing you with a long-lasting, hard-wearing unit that offers high-functionality for whatever purpose you desire.



In honor of the legend, Arne Jacobsen, Howe is hosting an Instagram contest during NEOCON! Below are the deets on how to win this charming table clock designed by the man himself.

  1. Follow @howefurniture on Instagram (also follow!)

  2. Take a photo of Howe furniture in the showroom 10-110 during NEOCON

  3. Post the picture on Instagram, tag @howefurniture and to win.



Okay... we have another confession - tracking the Fall Color Report for Wisconsin. Wandering down the path through a rainbow of trees, the smell of decay and the warmth of fading Summer sun is the quintessential fractal experience - it hits all the senses. You feel like you belong to something bigger when you are fully immersed in nature. It's an accessible luxury that many forget to embrace. This Fall season, in the spirit of wellbeing and all things fractals we are prescribing at least two to three forest baths - feel free to pack some warm blankets and hot cider to complete the experience. Have a chill Fall.

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