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Winter is officially here, YAY! We hope your bellies were kept full during the Thanksgiving season and your sweet tooth is satiated with all of the festive holiday treats this December!

The past year was an exciting one at SPEC'd - we added two lines FACT and Emblem, and closed out our biggest projects to date with Chilewich (ONE Chicago & Hyatt) and Howe (Uber & Abbott Labs). We made quite a few new designer friends along the way like dinner with the Network Next Gen crew, and outfitting the Redmond office with new furniture from Frovi, Pair and Emblem - plus a dope ceiling installation from FACT.

Below is a review, preview and a few gestures of gratitude! See you in 2022.

Holiday Closures:

Chilewich | December 24th & December 31st

Emblem, FACT, Frovi, Howe & Pair | December 23rd - January 3rd



Kismet is a fun thing to experience... the alignment of people, places and things can really make for memorable experience.

So, when the stars aligned this past year for a few of our brand partners to outfit Redmond's office we jumped at the opportunity!

HUGE thank you to all of the brands that went above and beyond to give Redmond their first official board room and lounge!



Maybe we are a little biased but, HOWE's showroom at the Merchandise Mart is probably the most impressive. Despite it's size, you won't believe how many tables and stacking chairs we have on display!

Go ahead and take a guess... 40/4 chairs? SixE chairs? Simpla tables?



Chilewich has been working the weaving looms hard this past year much to our delight! Check out this sneak peek of, CANE, the newest collection launching in January 2022. Don't you love it? We're anxiously awaiting for the first project installation - this pattern deserves to be front and center! Can't wait for CANE - check out Fresco, so fresh.



This year we made new friends at

Humble Design and we couldn't be more thrilled. This not only means a new opportunity to connect with those in need through the power of design, BUT we now have a "GO TO" team for furniture donations! YAY!

A few tables here, some dining chairs there, plus a couple of chairs were all sent with love to Humble Design. Huge THANK YOU goes out to our friend and member of the board, Sheryl Shultz, at Gensler for introducing us.



SPEC'd is thrilled to announce a new team member, FOXXY, our #WFH Office Pittie!

2021 has been a journey in companionship - and nothing has been more satisfying then working the rescue group, ChiTown Pitties, this team of volunteers is top notch and full of love.

Since Winter is upon us, we naturally went shopping for the proper gear for Foxxy to keep her warm and cozy! Our friends at Redmond introduced us to Pittie Clothing Co. - don't be surprised when you see us in matching gear during our hibernation.

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