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THE SPEC'd LIST :: Inspiration and Conversation




We've got a hankering for a big ol'scoop of ice cream on top of a perfectly pressed waffle cone - maybe because it's the 31st (BR's 31 flavors! duh.) and there is snow on the ground. For those of you who know, it should be no surprise that COFFEE ICE CREAM is at the top of the favorite list, along with Purple Yam and Matcha. We like to be adventurous.

Speaking of tasty treats we're serving up some delicious designs from our brand partners - sweet, salty and a bit spicy - pick your flavor or combine a few together and start serving up something fresh in your designs. SPEC'd brands will have you coming back every month to see what's hot off of the design press.



The entire MN table series by Morten Nikolajsen is honest, simple, and sustainable. It consists of a height-adjustable desk, a height-adjustable meeting table, and meeting tables. All of them create together a line for the modern office spaces but with a warm, inviting ambience. With the three classic tabletops shapes – round, square and rectangular – the same design language can be established across all kinds of areas: meeting, office, conference, lounge, canteen. It makes MN300 simple, honest and with limitless potential. Can you find a space fit for this gorgeous collection?



At once organic and decisive, Cane combines forms and textures found in nature with the energy of mark-making.

This dynamic addition to the Chilewich Contract collection unfolds on an expansive scale. Fields of hatched tonal lines are arrayed diagonally, in dialogue with the twill weave structure, to create a bold yet versatile surface for floors, walls, and windows.



Let's play with a bright sunny yellow shall we? Or we can get cheeky with some blush! Pair's palette is a stunning collection of current colors and materials that are sure to spark inspiration.

Don't you worry - VERY PERI can absolutely be a part of your workstation design because we don't say no to custom. Check out the standard collection here...



When your space needs structure, this is your foundation. With wide arms that double as quick perches, the Longitude Sofa offers ample deep seating for relaxed conversation in busy spaces. Don't forget to take notes...

1. Vertical quilting reinforces the strength of the design, which serves as the perfect canvas for a bold color choice. 2. Tuxedo design (arms and back are the same height) creates a strong, linear horizon. The overall effect is striking and geometric. 3. Recessed wooden feet are nearly invisible, giving the Longitude a “floating” look. Check out all of the velvets here and don't forget - C.O.M.? Yes, we can.



Meetings... necessary evil to the work day, amiright?

Well since they are a very important part of takin care of business, it helps when the voices around the table can be heard.

Don't skip out on the acoustics of space - you can afford to specify FACT at $25 /SF and you can reuse those old grids too!



Inspired by the Swedish word for ‘comforting’, the Trost chair has been designed to envelope and wrap you in its soft, reassuring form.

Take a minute to unwind and de-stress in this statement chair for modern Scandinavian-inspired environments. Trost’s choice of materials have been carefully considered to create maximum comfort with minimum impact on the built environment.



A flavor for every day of the month - it's genius marketing don't you think? Keeps you curious and coming back to try something new.

Did you know that Baskin-Robins actually has more than 1300 flavors in their ice cream library! Amazing. We've got a lot of tasting to do - good thing we have lots of Winter hibernating left.

We'll see you next month for the new SPEC'd flavors. ;)


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