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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

SUMMER | AUGUST 2022 Issue


Diēs Caniculārēs aka DOG DAYS!

Just when you think something is obvious, like why do we say, 'Dog Days of Summer' - cause it's hot and we're out walking around panting and sweating, right? NOPE.

Some of you probably already know about Sirius, but just in case you are like us and really had no idea that Sirius is not just a streaming service - Sirius is nicknamed the "Dog Star" because it is part of the constellation Canis Major. The expression "dog days" refers to the period from July 3 through Aug. 11, when Sirius aligns with the sun. The ancients felt that the combination of the sun during the day and the star at night was responsible for the extreme heat during mid-summer. Makes sense!

You know what else aligns beautifully together - our brand partners' products all look stellar together in one design - giving you many options with just one point of contact. It's nice to have a partnership with an open line collective that can be a superior resource to you; not to mention fewer emails.



Check out this stunning installation of Chilewich Boucle: Newsprint + Noir. The HQ of a Couture House in Paris knows what's up when it comes to textiles, both garments and flooring. We love how seamless the flooring and ceiling play together - that Noir strip throughout the floor is a beautiful example of how seamless Chilewich installations can be and how unique the space feels when you use our flatwoven versus a carpet. We also really like the better indoor air quality, cleanability, and sophisticated aesthetic.



Inspired by the functional elegance of Marcel Breuer and Mies van der Rohe’s classic tubular chair designs, Rosa exudes the easy-going versatility of outdoor furniture, without compromising on comfort. Rosa’s flowing lines and proportions were refined through an iterative prototyping process resulting in slim, sophisticated forms, alongside maximum comfort and durability. You're invited to come chill out on Rosa at the Boss Showroom in theMART. We are currently hosting lunches - schedule one for your team! GET YOUR ROSA SPECS HERE!


OH! SNAP(chat)...

that is a cute workplace café!

The School series pays homage to a classic design with modern finishes and functionality. The School Chair's interwoven 3/4" steel tube structure and bent plywood seat, also available upholstered, complement its counterparts, the School Bar Stool and School Simple Stool.

A nice companion to the School chairs are the beautiful tables. The Signature Table is as indestructible as it is adaptable and it's a staple whether it's used for dining, meeting, or working.

Built with solid white oak and powder coated steel, its durability, warmth, and simplicity lend to its versatility in any indoor environment. Want to carry to same look to the patio? We can make the Signature table suitable for the outdoors too!



It's State Fair season and that means food on a stick! Yay! Have you ever pondered, what's the difference between a Corn Dog & Pronto Pup?

Recently we had the opportunity to discuss this topic and learned a few fast facts - all Pronto Pups are Corn Dogs, but not all Corn Dogs are Pronto Pups. The secret's in the batter... Corn Dogs are sweet; Pronto Pups are not.

George Boyington and his wife, Versa, trademarked the Pronto Pup name in 1942, and began selling franchises of the carnival treat. They would ship franchisees the proprietary flour mix, but the rest was up to them. There was only one rule: Pronto Pups could only be served plain or with mustard. No ketchup. Sounds familiar! No wonder the very first Pronto Pup franchise was opened in Chicago. Sadly Chicago no longer has Pronto Pup food carts. You'll just have to take a visit to the Minnesota State Fair, or plan a little getaway to Grand Haven, MI


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