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THE SPEC'd LIST :: Inspiration and Conversation

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

WINTER | January 2021 Issue



HEY SIS! It's the beginning of fashion season and we can't wait to feast our eyes. Let's start with the enduring Bouclé - Coco Chanel made this fabric iconic in her famous suits and Chilewich continues the style with woven textiles for wall coverings and flooring.

The Bouclé collection from Chilewich has been SPEC'd to elegantly cover the floors of the CHANEL HQ and this isn't the first time CHANEL and Chilewich have joined forces.

Karl Lagerfeld's Read-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2011 Collection featured the

Feeling inspired? Chilewich's Bouclé collection has 23 colors to fit any palette you can dream.



ALTO by Frovi You've probably been sitting on your sofa working from home and wondering if you will be as comfortable when you go back to the office. Introducing the Alto Sofa, it's deeply cushioned for maximum comfort and available in three generous sizes. The soft shape and plush style creates a sense of residential luxury within commercial environments. WARNING! The pillow cushion may cause urges for coffee naps.




We are perpetually finding ways to adapt to change and your work environment should be able to respond to it. Olli allows you to create workstation clusters, collaborative breakout areas, focus zones, lounge settings and more, all with one platform. You can choose from any of our Sidekicks and Elements to develop millions of scenarios. Have another idea of how to use Olli? We would love to build something custom to make it yours.

Sidekicks are simple, stackable components that slide onto the Olli beam. They allow for increased storage, greenery and can double as a space divider; add a cushion and give a new meaning to “benching”. Olli gives you the control to choose how you work and it’s Elements enhance functionality. With it’s easy slot and screw node system, Olli’s Elements were designed for quick changes. Let's get personal!




MN Collection:

Height Adjustable Executive Desks & Meeting Tables

Honest, simple, sustainable - the MN table series is a furniture line for the modern office space consisting of a height-adjustable desk, a height-adjustable meeting table, and a meeting table. The line is cohesive through the use of solid wood on every possible element, together with its full-radius edge detail.

Desk: Available in three rectangular sizes. Meeting: Available in six rectangular sizes.



Chicago! Chicago... is one of the greatest skylines around and native Virgil Abloh seems to agree!

For the sixth menswear collection by Abloh for Louis Vuitton, his fall 2021 outing (which you can watch here) was a poetic mashup of barrier-breaking moments seamlessly woven throughout a 70-look collection full of beautiful messaging, both sartorially and symbolically. Take a little trip...

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