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Updated: Feb 24, 2022




Don't you think there is something special about flipping a page? The tactile experience of the paper and the anticipation of what's to come is one of the best parts of reading a magazine. Let's be honest, the Fashion Mags do it best - part expose, part trend preview, and part gallery of visual feasts all perfect bound with a hot cover. February hosts the NYFW Fall debut and boy was there lots to be seen!

We love the parallels between the fashion we wear and the interior design trends we specify - despite the fact that designers say they only wear black. It's the connection between fashion and interiors that motivated the launch of the SPEC'd Lewkbook - a series of seasonal catalogues showcasing our brand partners and the latest launches with trendsetting designs that you can specify in your projects now!

OH and since February is short and sweet, just like the mico-mini skirt trend, we are keeping this month's newsletter just the same.

PS ...

SPEC'd Launch Day was 2-20-2020.

This year SPEC'd turned 2 on 2-20-2022.

Numbers = fun times!



Thank you to those who RSVP'd and to those who attended the LOVE IS IN THE AIR event - it was a wonderful experience having the halls of the 10th floor at theMART alive with music, laughter, friends and lots of chocolate. If you found yourself at the Howe showroom, then you also had some BBQ from Blackwood's!

Would you like to have a private BBQ lunch from Blackwood for you and a few friends at the Howe showroom? Email to schedule a delicious lunch and learn!



Is it to early to start planning all of the fun events during Chicago's Furniture Fashion Week (aka NEOCON) ??

This year is going to be the first to host a new crop of showrooms in the Fulton Market hood; and with all of the hopping back and forth between Fulton and theMart there are sure to be lots of 'must see' designs and 'must attend' parties - it will be important to stay organized in order to see it all.

Take a page out of the event book from the expert, Ruth Finely. Known for her iconic CFDA Pink Calendar of Events and staying organized during NYFW. Not familiar with Ruth Finely, check out her story and her fabulous contributions for the CFDA

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