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THE SPEC'd LIST :: Inspiration and Conversation

SPRING | MARCH 2022 Issue



“If you want something said, ask a man;

if you want something done, ask a woman."

- Margaret Thatcher

We're very fortunate to work with an outstanding group of woman that span all of our brand partners! In honor of Women's Month we're highlighting a few women you should meet and sharing our gratitude for those women who are working hard behind the scenes.⁠ Get to know Sandy Chilewich the brilliant and artistic mind behind her namesake brand @chilewich... "We are passionate about designing textiles and transforming them into beautiful, durable and easy-to-clean products." ⁠Say Hello! to Lindsay Braun the founder of @emblembuilt. Lindsay is passionate about changing the way we think about specifying custom sofa and lounge chairs.⁠ ⁠⁠ Special thanks to the MANY, MANY women who help out on the daily with quotes, samples, technical product questions and inventory. You all contribute daily to the success of SPEC'd.

Team Chilewich - Sandi Ing, Stephanie Clinton & Allisha Bracket

Team Emblem - Lindsay Braun

Team Frovi - Sandi Castle, Ania Sousa, & Lydia Tennent

Team Howe - Debbie King, Ragen Peceny, & Graciela Hernandez

Team Pair - Sorcha McGrillen

Team SPEC'd - Kathy Over aka Mom



At home in both residential and commercial spaces around the world, Chilewich products are designed at our New York City studio. Led by creative director Sandy Chilewich, our design team includes master weavers who develop and refine innovative patterns.

Get to know Sandy and check out the

"One night in 1978, for fun, Sandy Chilewich and her friend, Kathy Moskal, tried bleaching their black cotton shoes, and dyeing them a new color. They were just fooling around in their Manhattan loft, but that experiment sparked the idea for Hue, a line of colorful shoes, stockings, tights, and accessories........"



I founded Emblem in 2019. With easy streamlined options, our goal is to be the easiest way to buy design-focused, custom, commercial-grade seating for any space. We offer a standard line of unique designs that ship in 8 weeks, and a simplified process to connect you to the right custom furniture for your project.



Hi there! A few of you might know me, but for those of you who are meeting me for the first time, here are a few notes... I was born in a mountain town tucked into the Canadian Rockies, grew up in Portland, Oregon, passionate about pizza and black coffee, an entrepreneur at heart with a B.S. in Advertising and a Master of Arts degree in Interior Design.

In my free time I love reading, practicing yoga, trying new recipes, long meandering nature hikes and dog walks through the city. I live in the Printers Row neighborhood with my husband Arthur and our rescue pittie Foxxy!



Have you ever thought about the origin of bookends? It's amazing how a few events in a month can make you think about all sorts of weird things.

The month of March had us thinking about bookends. They are the support system to the book-trophies and the 'to read list' that sits on the shelves. Some designs are practical, some are beautiful and others are down right weird - we'll let you google bookends. Next month SPEC'd is going to be launching with two new brands... you could call them our BOOKENDS! Stay tuned.

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