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THE SPEC'd LIST :: Inspiration and Conversation

SPRING | APRIL 2022 Issue




This "Sprinter" weather has us skeptical that we will have flowers in May, but somehow Mother Nature always arrives right on time. This April had us daydreaming about warm sunny days and finding inspiration in the gorgeous color palettes found in nature.

Speaking of being outside and in nature, we're excited to announce our partnership with RAD. Their design catalogue of built-to-last outdoor furniture that is also indoor furniture has us super excited about planning some rooftop patios and dining al fresco. You may have met RAD before if you've dined on the patio of a Sweetgreen or had coffee at an Intelligentsia café. We can't wait for you to explore their collection and start putting pops of yellow, pink and red on your outdoor furniture.



Sorry not sorry. We can't help but lean into the SoCal vibe our new brand partner brings to the design table. Calm, cool and collected - is the vibe. RAD is proud to call Los Angeles home. We strive to continue to grow in order to employ more Angelenos and provide a creative, fun, and balanced work environment. Furniture that is built to last is inherently sustainable, especially when the right materials are used. As designers and manufacturers, we choose to create products that serve a purpose, build them to last, and continue to evolve our manufacturing practices to best protect our environment.



Provide a space for collaborative working indoors, or bring people together socially outdoors…however you choose the use the Osti. A table you will find boundless practicality combined effortlessly with timeless style within its classic work table design.

Veck is a versatile, lightweight tubular framed stool, with a unique triangular punched, patterned seat – perfect for use indoors or outdoors. Available as a High, Counter-height or Low Stool to suit any environment, create your perfect Veck Stool with metal, wood veneer or upholstered seat pad options. Why the VECK not check out more details here?



Scientists have been studying the healing qualities of nature for more than fifty years. Although pioneering, these experiments left a vital piece of the puzzle unsolved – what is it about nature that triggers these remarkable effects?

Fractals are patterns that repeat at different scales, creating shapes of rich visual complexity – some examples include clouds, trees, and mountains. These patterns have the greatest significance in the built environment, where people have little to no access to nature.

“One of the best pieces of news from our psychology research is that you do not need to be exposed to fractal patterns long to get the positive effect and these patterns might help reduce your level of stress by up to 60 percent.” - Dr. Richard Taylor from the University of Oregon and Fractals Research Laboratory (USA).



Don't you love that feeling of being barefoot on the earth - it's a thing... and it's called grounding.

We also like the feeling of our bare feet on a Chilewich floormat when we're lounging outside on a patio. The latex backing is soft under foot, while still being very durable in the elements and stays put too.

Custom sizes, shapes and color combinations can be done with Chilewich and we love seeing the floor mats indoors too. A beautiful woven rug in a lounge seating area can really tie the room together - The Dude said so.

See the collection of HIGH TRAFFIC and LIGHT TRAFFIC mats - it's the difference between the highway and the leisurely route.



Listen up... have you heard of the Flower Parks in Japan before? These are not to be confused with botanical gardens - while beautiful and do have flowers... they are not the same!

Traditional gardens always feature high on itineraries of visitors to Japan. But do you know Japan’s flower parks are just as beautiful and magnificent?

Spacious and modern, and ever-changing palettes of colors throughout the year, these wonderlands incorporate the best of Western and Japanese landscaping designs. When illuminated to celebrate the seasons, there are few places in Japan more dreamy.

Not traveling to Japan anytime soon, take a day trip to the Osaka Garden in Jackson Park - a beautiful symbol of the friendship that has blossomed between the US and Japan.

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