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SPRING | MAY 2022 Issue


aMAYzing it's almost NECON

May kicked off 'Social Season' with a bang! We teamed up with Pair and LJC for the Henriksen SMASH Ping Pong event, hosted some VIP designers at AVEC's Artist Dinner Series and cheered on the models from the VIP seats at STITCH - it was amazing to see so many people and to reconnect with industry friends.

So, are you ready to NEOCON this year? Is your calendar set - do you have all the RSVP's in and your route mapped out? This year we are going to be bouncing around from The Mart to Fulton Market in search of the best new designs and party hopping to see our friends from near and far. It's going to be a reunion of epoch proportions.

You won't find any sneak peeks below from our MFGs in the newsletter - that kinda ruins the element of surprise don't you think? But, be sure to read on for details on experiencing NEOCON the SPEC'd way.


Tell me you're going to be showing at NeoCon without showing at NeoCon... SEVEN different furniture showrooms happen to be featuring custom floor mats by Chilewich and we thought this would be the perfect setting for a scavenger hunt for designers. Here’s how it works: • Visit a partner showroom and snap a photo of the Chilewich custom rug • Share your photo on Instagram with the tag #ThatsChilewich • If you are among the first 50 people to share a qualifying Instagram post, you’ll win a woven floor mat (23 x 36 inches) We'll be in touch via Instagram direct message to coordinate prize selection and shipping. Questions? Drop us a DM at @chilewich Boss Design @wearebossdesign The Mart, 3rd floor, suite 359 Frovi @frovi_design The Mart, 7th floor, Booth 7-3062 Heller @hellerfurniture The Mart, 11th floor, Suite 112A #helleronwheels Bus parked on Riverside Howe @howefurniture The Mart, 11th floor, Suite 10-110 Okamura The Mart, 11th floor, Suite 1100 Om Seating @omseating The Mart, 11th floor, Suite 11-106 Sandler Seating @sandlerseating 114 West Fulton Market



You're invited to the 7th floor of The Mart to officially welcome FROVI from across the pond.

We are thrilled to have a large booth with a fabulous collection of best selling designs and new pieces debuting at NEOCON.

We know the urge to hangout on the permanent floors is strong, but we encourage you to come visit the temporary floor first. Sure, it's mostly weird stuff, but you still get gems throughout the aisles and we are here to help you navigate.



Have you ever seen furniture dance before? It's pretty magical to watch chairs stack and tables roll and flip together. And, when they aesthetically coordinate its quite the choreography!

Come see for yourself, the AS Series will dance in the Howe Showroom as they reconfigure the furniture on the hour!



We think you know who...but just in case, Boss is the boss when it comes to stunning and elegant furniture designs.

Boss also happens to be steady in their lead times and manufacturing their catalogue out of High Point, NC makes for an easy order process from start to finish.

Come luxuriate in sexy curves of Amelia - you won't be disappointed... just in case the showroom is too crowded, feel free to schedule a private tour post-NEOCON.



The wait is finally over - the 13&9 x FACT collaboration we've all been waiting for is going to be installed at the Mohawk Showroom.

Come and rest your senses in the Fractal Experience where you will be fully immersed in a space specifically designed with materials that have been scientifically proven to CALM YOUR ASS DOWN. It's the perfect reprise from the crowded halls and bustling energy that is NeoCon.



We would be remised if this newsletter did not acknowledge the tragedies that happened during the month of May.

We don't want to end on a sad note or political argument, but it's been a rough time processing the deaths of so many innocent souls, both near and far.

It takes a village and we are thankful to have you a part of ours.

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