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September is the best month of the year. Ya. We said it. Not only is it Virgo season, it's also a beautiful hybrid of seasons - we get Summer and Fall weather in the same month - suddenly orange is everyone's favorite color and all those layers of textures!

Fall also signals a time to tuck-in and prepare for Winter - we all know it's coming. This year we've got plans for trying some new soup recipes, reading moody books, and drinking dirty chai lattes. There's also the time honored tradition of peeping Fall colors as the trees signal their plans for hibernation.

All of our manufacturers have beautifully curated color catalogues of their finishes; whether it's the tri-color yarns of Chilewich's signature Terrastrand, graded-in partnerships with Kvadrat textiles, or the warmth of brushed brass metals, we are confident that you can build your perfect Fall palette with our brand partners. Need something for your project presentation - let us know! We've got all the materials to help support your color story.


GET YOUR NESTING ON... Smart, harmonious, space-saving, and cleverly flexible... The AS Series of nesting chairs and tables leaves room for all imaginable purposes. For many, that would be sufficient. But we took its design further to meet the growing need for flexible settings and agile processes — for the mobility and freedom to rearrange work, study, and meeting spaces at whim. A nesting magnet makes it easy to link multiple chairs for relocation. Just lift the seat, join the magnets, and click… off you go with all the chairs you need. The lightweight nesting chair comes in numerous colors, allowing you to create solutions distinctively your own.



Everything we weave begins with TerraStrand, the name of our proprietary extruded yarns. We develop the colors of each yarn for every weave we design, and we have the unique ability to extrude two colors within a single strand of yarn.

These extraordinary “bi-color” yarns are used strategically when designing a weave, so that colors seem to appear and disappear, providing subtle shading, depth, and dimension.

This is just one of the many details that makes Chilewich so unique - no competition.



We all have that love affair with an upholstered chair or sofa in velvet - it exudes luxury, warmth and comfort.

It can also reveal the shape of your bum, the pant pocket style and all those hand prints - not to mention velvet can crush under the weight of the stich details, something we do not love.

Without revealing all the secrets - Emblem has found the perfect velvet for upholstering their gorgeous furniture. Endurance Velvet is a collection of sumptuous, commercial-grade velvets in rich, saturated colors - like Forest green and Autumn Gold.



We are fortunate to be in an industry that has so much appreciation for the arts, storytelling and the fibers that keep us all connected.

This year we were asked to host an artist for the Chicago Textile Week exhibit - giving us the opportunity to turn the Howe showroom into a pop-up gallery for artist Olive Stefanski. Their woven vessels are magical in person.

If you are just learning about Chicago Textile Week ... here's a little bit about the show:

Presented in the historic Merchandise Mart, Carrying The Thread highlights one aspect of this history by "picking up the thread" of the Mart's legacy as a center of textile commerce.

Spread across three floors of the Merchandise Mart, the featured works convey the diversity of materials, techniques, and themes explored by Chicago's textile artists.


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