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FALL | OCTOBER 2022 Issue



Finally FALL! It's that time of year where those crisp days are still warmed by the Sun and you can wear all of the layers, all at once. It's also the kick-off to the Holiday Season, a great time to tuck into a long book (900 pages long) or start a new hobby.

We've had a lot of fun entertaining and connecting this past month - coffee dates, lunch and learns, cocktail parties and fundraisers for important causes. Thank you to everyone that has accepted invitations, dined with us or had some really amazing brainstorming sessions during a library update.

As the calendars for 2023 start to schedule we are giddy with excitement about having more and more reunions. CHEERS to you - we look forward to finishing strong this year, both in health and wealth, however you define them - we are grateful to 'work/life balance' with you!


HOT BEVS & CHILL AIR... We are really grateful to be a part of an industry that has an awesome support network and one that knows how to collaborate!

Join us, along with some of our favorite Rep Friends in the industry for a curated collective of designs you love to specify. Did we mention festive hot beverages and an excellent Fall forecast?

Come visit us this evening - it's FREE!

THURSDAY | 10/27/2022

5:30 - 7:30

Seasonal treats, awesome reps and beautiful designs - what more could you ask for?



Become enveloped in the delightfully soft marshmallow-like armchair and experience the welcoming reassurance and warmth created by its curvaceous design.

An iconic and bold puffed form, combined with sophisticated ruched upholstery detailing, creates a unique organic seating experience that effortlessly promotes calm.

This chair is so damn cute it's got us singing....



We received this email at the beginning of the month, from our friend and Founder of FACT, Daniel Monier:

I am sure everyone has been following the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Even after the media has moved on to the next thing, daily cleanup is happening to get these communities back on their feet. One of the FACT family members lives in Sarasota and keeps us updated daily on what is happening down there.

Being someone who grew up in Southern Louisiana, I have a lot of memories of these storms and don’t wish this on anyone. They are destructive and can wipe out your entire life overnight.

For this reason, FACT has decided to donate 5% of all projects that book and ship between now and the end of the year to Habitat for Humanity to help in the rebuilding process.

If you have a project that could use some amazing acoustic ceiling tiles - let us know! We've got samples ready to go and we are eager to help give back to the FACT community.



At RAD, we are truly experts in building metal furniture.

Steel's durability and lifespan make it a great candidate for both commercial and residential environments, and having started RAD in Austin, Texas - a city not lacking in restaurant patios and outdoor venues - we found endless opportunity for product testing and feedback from the businesses using our products day-to-day. Powder coating is the industry standard for good reason, but what exactly is it?

It's important to first establish why this matters. Metal can rust if exposed to water or moisture, and rust causes metal to corrode. The surface finish protects the metal from corrosion only as long as the finish remains intact, which is why a durable finish plays a crucial role in protecting your furniture for years to come.



Knitting is no longer your Grandma's favorite hobby... Gen Z has taken this fiber art by storm and it's not slowing down!

The dynamic designs, many of which are made by students of Fashion schools, like Parsons, are très chic et prêt-à-porter!

Ready to join the knitting club? One of our favorite stores is located in the charming Printers Row neighborhood... you'll find a bookstore, yarn store, wine store and a lovely park - spend a Saturday doing PEAK FALL THINGS!

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