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On this Winter Solstice we are preparing for a calm and quiet transition to the official start to the Winter (despite the snow storms that have already come). The sub-zero temps, dusting of snow and long shadows make it easy to stay in place and slow down. Reading books, making warm beverages, cooking hearty meals, and day dreaming about warmer days are just a few activities that we like to do.

Our brand partners will also be slowing down and taking a much needed break from the lead time race. If you have anything that comes up with a current project a team is in place to assist, but production will be coming to an end for the rest of the year.

SPEC'd had some amazing moments in 2022. We feel that buzz of positive energy and momentum from our A&D community, contractors, dealers, and brand partnerships - it takes a village! As we get ready for the New Year, you can anticipate some exciting announcements, a website refresh and a lot of great events to come.


IT'S JUST LUNCH! In 2023, SPEC'd is going to be hosting a VIP Luncheon Learn series (see what we did there)! We know it's nice to connect with a new brand or design that sparks creativity - and we also know it's nice to get out of the office for a lunch with friends - so we thought, why not combine a presentation with a visiting manufacturer and a lunch with a few of our VIP Designers. Stay tuned for calendar invites dropping soon... SAVE THE DATE THURSDAY | 1/12/2023 Seating: 11:45 Lunch Served: 12:00 Presentation: 12:15



The solstice (combining the Latin words sol for “Sun” and sistere for “To Stand Still”) is the point where the Sun appears to reach either its highest or lowest point in the sky for the year and thus ancient astronomers came to know the day as one where the Sun appeared to stand still. If you're curious about the difference between an Equinox, check it out here!

We hope you grant yourself permission to slow down, say yes to things that fill your cup (with something warm hopefully) and work on that inner light of creativity. Next year will come right on time; so don't try to rush.

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