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THE SPEC'd LIST :: Inspiration and Conversation

SUMMER | JUNE 2021 Issue



The message of love and compassion for others, regardless of how they express themselves in the world, is one that resonates with us on a daily basis. We feel very fortunate to work in an industry that celebrates and supports the LGBTQ community; many of whom have become our closest friends.

To all of our LGBTQ friends and family too, thank you for being you, for showing your true colors and standing proud. The strength that comes from being vulnerable is nothing short of inspiring.



cr. 2016 - With a strong foundation of design solutions for flooring in place, Chilewich tackles another especially 'scuffable' surface with the launch of wall textiles.

Chilewich's textiles retain their distinctive colors and rich textures over many years of use and look good doing it, exceeding 100,000 double rubs and providing heavy-duty (Type III) wall protection. Check Out Chilewich on Material Bank



Emblem is committed to continually minimizing our impact on the environment. All of our products are handmade and built to last – not built for the landfill. We manufacture in the USA and our factories adhere to strict California air quality requirements. We also partner with other local suppliers whenever possible. We take an earth-conscious approach to manufacturing by choosing responsibly harvested and locally sourced wood, recycled steel components, water-based and low-VOC finishes, and formaldehyde-free glue. Do the right thing. Work with EMBLEM.



Eclipse was developed using his many years of experience as a professional paper artist to re-form a sheet of felt from flat to a three-dimensional form simply by cutting and folding the material. The folding of the tile creates the sense of the geometric shape passing into the shadow of another.

Drop the tiles into any 9/16” or 15/16” tee-grid. Simply by changing their orientation in the grid, you can create an unlimited variety of patterns.



This indoor and outdoor product is an extension of our existing Osti range with additional canopy to create a defined silhouette.

The canopy incorporates separate mesh trays to allow you to accessorize with plants and lighting to create an inviting environment.

Chamomile. Terracotta. Beetroot. Blue Grey. Mint. Clay. Olive. These are a few of our favorite colors from the standard RAL collection!



The AS series chair lets you roll them any way that you want, optimizing the spaces in which we work, think, study and communicate.

Just as you can feel comfort in them; the look, the originality, the way form follows function to the very last detail. Time and time again.



Don't let its minimal design fool you, Fade workstations are robust and sophisticated with customizable privacy and seamless cable and power management.

A truly seamless waterfall edge with a height-adjustable surface. Easy to clean, and oh so sleek.



Falling in love in 1947, two women,

Pat Henschel and pro baseball player Terry Donahue, begin a 65-year journey of love and overcoming prejudice.

The Chicago-based documentary expertly weaves together LGBTQ history, baseball, and the ups and downs of loving someone for a lifetime.

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