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THE SPEC'd LIST :: Inspiration and Conversation

SUMMER | JULY 2021 Issue



Clean lines, height-adjustable, and no clutter in sight—introducing, Fade. Don't let its minimal design fool you, Fade workstations are robust and sophisticated with customizable privacy, and seamless cable and power management. A truly seamless waterfall edge with a height-adjustable surface. Easy to clean, and oh so sleek.

Working with Pair makes specifying workstations easy and fun. Don't bang your head against the wall or throw your hands in the air out of frustration - save those moves for when you're rocking out at a live concert!



We love a nice pairing... Tacos and Margaritas, Sunsets and oceans... the 40/4 chair with the AS400 café table! The AS400 has a unique detail, the round top with a concave recess. This shape enables the tables to dock on and be linked together in an unlimited number of formations, from small groups of three to large round circles or any other imaginary organic shape.

The 40/4 chair is versatile in design and materials. Easy to specify and easy to love.



Inspired by the Swedish word for ‘comforting’, the Trost chair has been designed to envelope and wrap you in its soft, reassuring form. Take a minute to unwind and de-stress in this statement chair for modern Scandinavian-inspired environments, or an place that could use a little more soft curve and less hard edge. Trost’s choice of materials have been carefully considered to create maximum comfort with minimum impact on the built environment. Get ready to get cozy.



Is it a ceiling tile or is it a baffle? It's both! T-Tab is part of the TAB acoustical ceiling tile collection. We can stick with the 2x2 or go to a 2x4 giving you a longer baffle profile. Not a fan of the straight edge? Give us your profile and we'll create a personalized T-Tab for you. Want a different color? We can UV print on to the felt! Hot pink, or deep blue, with a profile that's scalloped or zig-zag... whatever makes your tail wag! Made in the USA. 4 weeks leadtime.



Inspired by the rich character of surfaces that grow more interesting with time and patina, Fresco is an especially versatile new texture for floors, walls, and windows.

Its veil of organic forms evokes the beauty of antiquity and the nuances of nature, from venerable murals and peeling paint to fingerprints and magnetic fields.

Let's make the walls the artwork!!



The Ray Chair is an ode to mid-century modern furniture design. Tailored slim arms and narrow apron evoke modern classics, while brushed-brass capped legs offer an elegant note of surprise. Frame is perched atop thin legs giving the design an airy, inviting lightness. Boxed seat and back cushions give structure and strength to the design. Sit back, but not too far back, and relax.



We are stanning hard for this small but mighty punk band. Meet The Linda Lindas - a half Asian/half Latinx band featuring "two sisters, a cousin and their close friend"

What more could you ask for in a Girl Squad?

With songs titled "Racist, Sexist Boy" and killer covers of "Rebel Girl" by Bikini Kill it's no surprise they've got gigs and a contract all before high school even starts!

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