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THE SPEC'd LIST :: Inspiration and Conversation

SUMMER | AUGUST 2021 Issue


Is it in stock? How fast can I get it?

Our industry is definitely feeling the pinch of the supply chain backlog. Everyone (even Ikea!) has encountered container ships stuck in ports waiting to be unloaded or a shortage of raw materials, and it can be even more painful when you add the time it takes for freight to travel overseas.

At SPEC'd we have strategically partnered with manufacturers that are established in North America. We understand that parts and pieces still come from overseas, but the core of the manufacturing process is here and we don't have to wait for ships to float the goods.

Below are notes on each brand partner and their standard lead times... as always, lead times are subject to change - please contact us for specifics.



Quick Ship in Grand Rapids, MI

5 days Manufacturing in Grand Rapids, MI

6-8 weeks Manufacturing in Denmark

8-10 weeks + 4 weeks freight Stop putting ugly stacking chairs in your projects. The SixE is known for its stunning design, ergonomic sit and affordable price point. You can get the sleek all black, 4-leg chair in 5 business days.



Manufacturing in Sweetwater, TN

2-3 weeks REDUCE, REUSE, & RECYCLE - these are a few of FACT's principals. They are reducing waste by stocking only 4 colors, they are reusing an old ship building factory as their new FACTory, and they are creating beautiful designs with recycled PET. All designs are $25/SF net



Manufacturing in Los Angeles, CA

STANDARD | 4-6 weeks - Velvet only

TAILORED | 6-8 weeks - C.O.M.

CUSTOM | 8-12 weeks - C.O.M.

Bend and snap! With three different ways to get your Emblem fix, we are confident that you will find many projects for this American Beauty.

Pictured: Bend Sofa - Midnight Endurance Velvet with Brushed Brass



Manufacturing in Los Angeles, CA

Conference Tables | 8-10 weeks

Desking Collections | 8 -10 weeks

The slim profile of the steel base paired with the soft touch glass is sexy and you know it, so clap your hands.



Manufacturing in Chatsworth, GA

2-3 weeks

Chilewich partners with weaving mills a few miles away from their production facility in Chatsworth, GA - this proximity means we typically the component fabric in-stock and ready to back.

Chilewich is made-to-order, which means we may have Boucle - Grey weave in stock, but we still need to back it with Bio-felt or Vinyl for the floors, or Trilam for the walls.



It's the end of Summer and that means one final road trip before Fall settles into Winter.

Road trips evoke the path less traveled and the freedom to make a random pitstop, or use the 'avoid highways' feature on the GPS. Better yet, test your inner compass and use a paper map.

The #vanlife experience is on our travel bucket list - especially a decked out van like the ones from NOMAD VANZ

We see you peeping that gorgeous Plaid wallcovering!

Not ready to customize your own bespoke camping van (complete with Chilewich!) then you can rent the lifestyle with family, friends and pets with WanderVans. To complete the whole vibe - here are 23 most scenic road trips in America, & classic road trip songs

Have a chill rest of your Summer days.

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