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FALL | OCTOBER 2021 Issue



Can you believe a cold November rain is just around the corner... eventually! The next two months are sure to be a whirlwind, both professionally and personally. End of year projects are booking, festive gatherings with friends and family are filling up the calendar and the next thing you know it's a new year.

At SPEC'd we have a passion for maintaining a sense of wellbeing, especially when it gets hectic. Each decision we make during the design process affects the energy of the people, the places and the experiences within the space, so it's important to work with brands that make wellbeing a priority.

Our brand partners pay special attention to the decisions they make regarding materials, design function, and aesthetics - their good decisions means your FF&E specs with them are good decisions too.

Congrats! Feels chill doesn't it.



At Frovi we believe that wellbeing, health and collaboration are factors that should be considered in the workspaces of today, to propel your business to the next level tomorrow. The WELL Building Standard™ offers a thorough framework for testing and measuring how a building is designed from a ‘People First’ perspective. Whether your goal is to achieve the WELL Building Standard™, or to simply put more emphasis on workplace wellbeing, there are furniture choices you can make and Frovi is here help assist you. Let’s take a closer look at how the WELL Concepts of Movement, Light, Materials & Mind can be applied to your furniture choices.



The MN300 collection has three classic tabletops shapes – round, square and rectangular – the same design language can be established across all kinds of areas: meeting, office, conference, lounge, canteen. The entire MN table series by Morten Nikolajsen is honest, simple, and sustainable. It consists of a height-adjustable desk, a height-adjustable meeting table, and meeting tables. All of them create together a line for the modern office spaces but with a warm, inviting ambience.



Olli gives you the control to choose how you work and it’s Elements accessories collection enhance functionality. With it’s easy slot and screw node system, Olli’s Elements were designed for quick changes to adapt with the constantly evolving workplace. We designed the power and data beam to be quickly assembled and installed by combining a slip-slot connection with minimal hardware, simplifying installation, and future reconfigurations. Saving the workplace one good design decision at a time, don't you think?



The flat-woven surface of Chilewich flooring makes it slip and trip resistant. Tiles, planks, and rolls are cut from the same textile product, with a uniform texture and height that allows for contiguous installation to eliminate transition hazards and support mobility devices.

Strengthened by Microban, Chilewich flooring resists stain and order causing microbial growth. The innovative BioFelt backing system features and integrated moisture barrier to prevent spill absorption and inhibit growth of mold and mildew (ew, David).



We believe the environments where we live, work, and play shape our connection with the world and everyone in it.

Design is our focus. We design furniture that elevates your brand, delights your customers and motivates your team.

We design and build our furniture in the USA so that we can offer quick lead-times and easy custom options. And you’ll always get furniture from Emblem that’s built to last even in busy, commercial environments.



Inspired by a cloud-dappled sky, Calm-Clouds creates a visual landscape that helps reduce stress through natural fractal patterns. The design is built from a small square that is repeated, re-scaled, and rearranged with scientific precision. The resulting surface prompts the same eye movements as drifting clusters of clouds. Research shows that perceiving natural fractal patterns activates a stress-relief response in our bodies. By tapping into that natural response, Calm-Clouds supports a sense of calmness and concentration in your spaces. All designs are $25/SF net



As we head into the season of giving, it's important to remember to giveback to yourself.

This season we are going to give ourselves the gift of breath. Taking care of ourselves first before we care for others helps us make better decisions.

The airlines know this when they remind us to put on our oxygen masks first before assisting others.

The Marines know this when they train the next generation in The 4,7,8 Technique to manage stress.

Do you need some guidance? Check out the

Ecstatic Breathwork course from COMMUNE - an online community with access to world renowned thinkers, and healers, like Deepak Chopra, Russel Brand and more.

Smell the flowers.

Blow out the candles.


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