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THE SPEC'd LIST :: Inspiration and Conversation *Holidays Edition*

WINTER 2020 | December Issue



What a year, eh? Back in January, it would have been hard to imagine all of the dishes that 2020 was planning on serving us; the bad, the worse, and the awful! But, we managed to find the good, the better and the best parts of the year.

We're going to be featuring our TOP 10 THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT 2020 as we countdown to the New Year. Check out on our Instagram page - Follow us, like us and share us - spread the good news and be kind to one another. As a thank you to everyone who connected with us over the year, we have made charitable contributions to all ten.

MFGs Holiday Closures:

Frovi, Howe & Pair | 12/24 - January 4, 2021

Chilewich | 12/24 & 12/25 + 12/31 & 1/1



AS Series by Howe

The AS100 swivel chair, masterminded by award-winning designer Andreas Störiko, is smart and comfortable — and produced in a quality that stands out. Its patented “vertical stack” plus mobile wheel-base make the AS100 easily nested, rolled across the aisle and into the storage room, or lifted by one person. The AS400 tables meet the growing need for flexibility across agile work, study, and meeting spaces. They give you the freedom to create configurations at will.


Sustainable design...

BAMBOO by Frovi

Our Bamboo range has been created by our environmentally conscious in-house design team. Where possible, we have opted to use the most eco-friendly and low impact materials. This year, we’ve taken further steps towards a more sustainable future. It starts with the launch of our Bamboo collection, a range that uses environmentally conscious materials and processes.

All our shelves, cupboards, storage boxes and tabletops in the range are made from bamboo. This material is widely known for being extremely sustainable hard wood alternative - it has a negative carbon footprint! See more!



Pair Installation Featuring:


This client had numerous, diverse teams, all working under one roof. They needed Pair to help create a space that is unified yet differentiable between various groups and typologies. This was achieved by creating (intentionally) eclectic microenvironments using elements such as textures, colorways, and distinctive forms and structures to make each area a little different. To add warmth to this industrial space, we introduced quilted screens to juxtapose the strong lines and architecture.



CUSTOMS. We got you.

Can't find the right shade or need a unique shape for an area rug? Chilewich can help!

Made from durable woven textile bonded with flexible commercial-grade backing. Appropriate for all applications including heavy-duty commercial applications. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use too.



The New York Times recently published a fun list documenting 18 THINGS THAT HAPPENED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2020!

For instance, did you know...

The Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira rode the biggest recorded wave of 2020, becoming the first female surfer with that distinction. The wave, off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal, measured 73.5 feet. Gabeira’s ride was certified by the World Surf League and the Guinness World Records. Check out the other 17 here...

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