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SPRING 2020 | April Issue


Lean on us...

As we navigate our new life and work routines, 

you can remain confident in us to help with your furniture and material needs.

We pride ourselves in a project based, consultative approach to specifying our products.

Consider us an extended member of your design team. 

Our mission is to be the designs you love to specify!


That's HOT!

You guys can't get enough of Chilewich's Plaid and  we don't blame you! Three color ways that you can use on flooring, walls, window coverings, and upholstery. Plaid is woven from a tri-color yarn making each square foot unique...  just like a snowflake!


Meet SixE Swivel

The SixE swivel is versatile in design and the perfect solution for a variety of areas. Spec it in the Workplace as an informal meeting chair. The poly seat is a great solution as a patient room chair! Or, if Hospitality is your specialty, then why not spec it as the desk chair in a hotel room! 


Hello! My name is...

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, KRISTIN OVER has called Chicago home for over ten years. She has been in the design industry since 2009, working on projects from both the design and furniture sides. Kristin holds a B.S. in Advertising from Northern Arizona University and an M.A. in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design. 



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