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HOWE has introduced a stunning color palette for the SixE family just in time for some Fall color inspiration. The Colors of Denmark palette consists of eight balanced hues inspired by the country of Denmark. From the soft and muted accents found amongst its natural landscapes, to the rich cultivated colors of the city.

The cool and soft colors transport you to Denmark’s ocean landscapes, while the modern neutral colors evoke the urbanity of Danish cities, fashion, and architecture. The blended palette accommodates for a variety of workplace, hospitality, education, healthcare and even, WFH settings. 

The new selection was chosen in collaboration with the Pearson Lloyd team – the original SixE chair designers. They carefully chose colors like Red Ochre, Fawn and Lichen, to withstand time and trends; the result is an enduring color palette for a timeless chair. 


More pops of color... 

In sync with style The Tutor table is an easy-to-manage, single-person stacking table developed to accompany the famous 40/4 chair. Tutor works equally well on its own, due to its extremely durable materials and its admirable stacking and handling capabilities. Ideal for seminars, trainings and corporate educational facilities, the Tutor is a world-class multi-functional flexible solution for demanding and design-oriented applications.

Howe is now offering you the opportunity to get creative with finishes and furniture specs. We think the Tutor is an excellent option that provides individualized touch down areas for the amenity driven workplace.

See Howe Easy it Moves!


Color Me Dusty Pink! 

Frovi's is exploring the power of color. They are diving into the impact of color on the wellbeing of people and it's relation to the spaces where we live, work and play.

Now more than ever, color plays a big role in enhancing our communication with others. The science of color is becoming the sought-after skill in every designer's toolbox.



One night in 1978, for fun, Sandy Chilewich and her friend, Kathy Moskal, tried bleaching their black cotton shoes, and dyeing them a new color. They were just fooling around in their Manhattan loft, but that experiment sparked the idea for Hue, a line of colorful shoes, stockings, tights, and accessories.


Did you know Bouclé is back?

To be honest, it's never gone out of vogue with us. While at Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld used to reimagine the Bouclé with every season's launch, which means this stunning weave will never, ever go out of style. 

Chilewich's Bouclé is an homage to Chanel. The beauty lies in the weave, not to mention it's easy to install, easy to clean, easy to spec and easy to love. 


Kerry James Marshall has captured our hearts for quite a few years. His work has an incredible energy and power. Marshall is known for using multiple shades of black to get his color just right... the portraits invite you to explore the beauty and depth of his subjects. 

"Vogue covers have been talking to us for 128 years. They talk to us about who we are and about the world we live in. This year, with our world turned upside down, by the plagues of COVID-19 and presidential incompetence, we invited two contemporary artists, Kerry James Marshall and Jordan Casteel, to make paintings for our September covers..."

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