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THE SPEC'd LIST :: Inspiration and Conversation

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

FALL 2020 | October Issue



We are thrilled to announce that SPEC'd is adding another line to the family. In keeping with our mission of representing manufacturers that share our same values; easy to specify, manufactured in the US and cutting edge design, we found all of this with our newest partner, PAIR.

PAIR's catalogue is full of easy to specify, beautifully designed workplace systems and conference tables. With a line called B.Y.O.T. how can you not have fun?! Beyond the basics, PAIR is a collaborator when it comes to specialties and simplifies the process of creating a truly unique, one of a kind design.



A smart addition to any meeting room, hallway or dividing up a breakout space, Relic Credenza makes a statement while offering practical storage.

Hand finished to exacting levels of quality and detail, it complements the rest of our Relic range. With its sleek design, it has the ability to fit into compact areas making it very versatile.


A sophisticated touch.. SIXE: Lichen

This new color has us imagining a mossy green forest. Lichen is a soft and subtle green, its dusty tone creates a sense of fuzzy warmth and comfort while also highlighting the SixE’s curves.

Inspired by the muted pastel greens of lichen found growing on forest tree trunks, this color is calm and easy on the eye.


Playing With Shading

Chilewich's collection of textiles is used for roller shades and panel systems in both residential and commercial settings.


Glare reductions and UV protection make the sun a little more manageable.


A simple and elegant way to regulate natural light and privacy in your home.


Great for covering wide areas or even as a room divider! Get Inspired!


Slow Cooking!

Well, it's finally happened... the first snow of the season has fallen here in Chicago and too be honest, we have already busted out the slow cooker to make our first Chili of the season.

We know the winter months seem as dark as they are long, but this year we are being even more mindful of what brings us joy. The smell of simmering spices certainly warms our hearts, so we are sharing with you some of the BEST chili recipes for everyone to try ... vegans, veggies, turkeys and meat-lovers! Here's to spicing things up this Fall...

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