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Please join us in welcoming a new team member to SPEC'd, Elana Goldenberg. She is our Director of Business Development and comes to us with a colorful rolodex of contacts. She will be working closely with End Users, Owner's Reps, Developers, Dealers and our Michigander's - she's our Master of Connections if you will!

She is also a tenured sales professional in various fields ranging from Medical to Legal to Technology and Wine (yay!). She holds a B.A in Advertising, Sales and Promotion, and Management from Western Michigan University.

Elana, originally from the Detroit suburbs now lives in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago with her Husband Jeff and her 4 bonus children. In her free time, she enjoys walking and exploring any city she’s in, traveling, reading, cooking and entertaining friends and family.


Hello! from SPEC'd...

If you are a fan of Material Bank and specifying Chilewich, then you have definitely received a friendly follow up from another newish person helping out behind the scenes at SPEC'd...

Kathy Over has brought her decades of experience in assisting top executives and teams of auditors at some of the largest tax firms in the world to help build the SPEC'd business. We are grateful to have so much support in building SPEC'd - from behind the scenes to our VIPs... it is because of everyone's support we continue to grow.

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